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I LET GO. Present tense

Getting rid is a common desire that most of us experience.

This year I had the most beautiful “turning” into New Years Eve ever. In Goa, India, I sat by the open fire experiencing a mindfulness presence of mySELF, like only meditation allows you to do, with a piece of paper to write down resolutions. The day after, on January 1st at 8 am., after the morning meditation, I burnt them into the orange of the fire, watching it disintegrate and disappear from our hands.

By the open fire on December 31st @yogamagicecoretreat, Goa, India
By the open fire on January 1st, 2016 @yogamagicecoretreat Goa, India

This was the best New Year’s Day waking up I can remember.

Since then, I use the present tense for every single intention I want to turn into resolution. Use the present tense, like you do when working in customer experience to manage customer expectations.

Use the present tense to manage your own. Allow your intentions for the future become your present.

I let go of what I don’t like, I create space for myself and new experiences. In the end, it all starts by creating space. Isn’t it?

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