The “unbearable lightness” of saying NO

I trust Milan Kundera will not bear a grudge against me for borrowing this powerful expression from his masterpiece. In effect, saying “no” (which in Italian, my mother tongue, I would translate with “basta”) reveals to be light as a feather only  once you have done it. Six years of progressive experience in Corporate CommunicationContinue reading “The “unbearable lightness” of saying NO”

Charlie Chaplin and The Self

It was my second yoga class with Amala at the yoga retreat I joined early January in Goa, India. What I have always been trying to achieve with intellect and reflection, it came by surprise, on a Hatha yoga afternoon practice. The Shala (the place where students gather to practice yoga, litterally “school” in Sanskrit)Continue reading “Charlie Chaplin and The Self”

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