The “unbearable lightness” of saying NO

I trust Milan Kundera will not bear a grudge against me for borrowing this powerful expression from his masterpiece. In effect, saying “no” (which in Italian, my mother tongue, I would translate with “basta”) reveals to be light as a feather only  once you have done it.

The DigitalNomad Kit @ Patnem Beach, Goa, India

Six years of progressive experience in Corporate Communication and Public Affairs in the expats hub of multicultural and multilingual Geneva (Switzerland) have been an exciting time. Yet, I decided to take a break from daily routine, job, university degrees, friends, family and unhealthy relationships (ok, I admit the latter counts for most of the things I wanted to take distance from) to realise my dream: going to South India to study yoga and meditation while exploring the cultural and colourful side of this magic, yet super chaotic country!

Et me voilà! Here I am, where the fascinating – now super trendy – yoga discipline was born thousand years ago, doing Surya Namaskar (aka “Sun Salutation”) on a warm sandy beach in Kerala and in Goa, the smallest state of India.

Practising Setubandhasana aka “the wheel pose”

So far, I have never realised how deeply strengthening muscles and building physical endurance affect soul and mind – this is for real! – although I acknowledge that practicing in a Shala (the hall where students gather, “school” in Sanskrit) shaded by palms while looking at the sun swallowed by the ocean certainly helps.

To make this unique experience memorable and to share it with my loved ones and the community I have started blogging. I have always been an “aficionado” (… no, I didn’t write “addicted” …)  of social media and the “sharing-is-caring” pop culture. The first time someone told me: “Francesca, you should start a blog” it was in November 2014 during my last class of Corporate Communication at the Universtity of Lugano.

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My inseparable pink bike accompanying me throughout this journey

Here in India I have finally found the perfect recipe!

  • 1/2 cup of great inspiration
  • 10 cups of time
  • a pinch of courage
  • 2 teaspoons of pictures
  • 2 bowls of experiences ready for sharing

Preheat at 300 degrees, stir all ingredients, bake it and sprinkle with colourful pictures.

Shebelievesincolors is ready to be served combined with Instagram account and Facebook page. Now spread it all around.

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The sunset and the self

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Italian communication consultant, blogger, foodie, tremendously curious and passionate about life. I am blogging about my vision: a colorful and balanced lifestyle. I am In love with social media, arts, fashion design as empowering tools. Philosophy and communications management are my background, customer engagement is my job and cognitive psychology is my secret passion! I bike to work to stay healthy and to live consciously. Practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation as much as I can make me stay focused while multitasking! ... What else? ... !

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