The “unbearable lightness” of saying NO

I trust Milan Kundera will not bear a grudge against me for borrowing this powerful expression from his masterpiece. In effect, saying “no” (which in Italian, my mother tongue, I would translate with “basta”) reveals to be light as a feather only  once you have done it. Six years of progressive experience in Corporate CommunicationContinue reading “The “unbearable lightness” of saying NO”

I LET GO. Present tense

Getting rid is a common desire that most of us experience. This year I had the most beautiful “turning” into New Years Eve ever. In Goa, India, I sat by the open fire experiencing a mindfulness presence of mySELF, like only meditation allows you to do, with a piece of paper to write down resolutions. TheContinue reading “I LET GO. Present tense”